The weekend told in two stories.

2 Jun

Story 1: I was kidnapped on Friday.  KIDNAPPED.  Willingly, mind you, but kidnapped!  Kidnapped for Lauren-jD-Elliot-Paige-and-Lindsay’s day of fun!*  My dear friends knew it had been a rough week for me and so they had pity on me.  Lovely, fun pity.   I jumped in a car and wasn’t told where we were going.  Where did we go?  To Waseca for lunch on a patio [my favorite!], coffee at a coffee shop [my favorite!], and antiquing [my favorite!].  It was indeed a great day of fun.

Story 2: It was finally nice enough to work outside this weekend.  I planted pots, spread mulch, and weeded.  I also raked leaves from around the house.  I was in the back, raking near the back stoop when suddenly THERE WAS A CHICKEN.  A chicken!  A chicken scurrying towards the woods from under the back stoop!  [Quite honestly, I was startled and had a few choice words.]  I checked timidly to see if the chicken was with friends; she was not.  I kept raking and found the chicken had left me a gift –


Is it hipster to have backyard chickens and not even know it?

* Friends reference.

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