Recommended reads.

3 Jul

I read for about six hours last night.

 I read through dinner.  I read as Mabel and I went for a walk.  [One of the many joys of a kindle – very easy to read and walk.]  I read past my bedtime.

A couple days ago, a friend posted on Instagram a photo of two books.  Her caption was something like, 950 pages in two days.  I got excited.  I love books like that.  The kind you fly through and the kind that you can’t stop thinking about.  The kind – when you have to do other stuff like, uh, work – that infiltrate your mind so all you think about is when you can start reading that next chapter.

Yeah.  These are those books.  It’s the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  It’s very Hunger Games-esque young adult fiction.  Only two of the three are currently released.  They’re by no means new to the scene either.  Both New York Times bestsellers, I’ve somehow missed them until now.  As of 12:45 this morning, I’m about halfway through the second one.  I’ll finish it tonight.  Then I have to wait until October.  October.

Sometimes I feel a little weird, getting sucked so deeply into books written for teens.  But then I don’t care.  Books are books.  And I love a book you can’t put down.

Highly recommended, folks.  But probably best to read when you have a free weekend.  [I was going to wait until this long weekend to read them.  But then I didn’t.]

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