Grandma’s quilt.

27 Aug


Way back in May, a couple of my siblings, cousins, and I returned to my Grandpa’s house.  To clean it out.  I blogged about it way back when but I haven’t shared with you one of the greatest treasures I received on that day.

I brought a quilt home with me that day.  It’s a quilt of scrappy squares, tied with yarn.  And I love it.  As I packed it up that day, I asked my Aunt Peggy what the story of the quilt was.  [Every quilt has a story.]  She said my Grandma Vera – her mother – made it.  I never knew my Grandma Vera to sew or quilt!  [What I remember most about my Grandma Vera, who died when I was 16, was her encouragement to me as a young girl not to chew my fingernails.  She bribed me with the possibility of her painting them when they got long enough.  Sadly, Grandma, I’ve started chewing my nails again.  I blame the stress of adulthood and boredom on long drives.]

My grandma made this quilt that I now have in my possession and that makes it even better.  Not to mention it is the HEAVIEST quilt ever.  I feel wrapped up tight when I use it.  I can’t wait to curl up under it when cooler weather comes.  It’s so fun to look at too, because every time I use it or fold it or wash it, I spot a fabric I hadn’t see before.  There are some great [read: odd] scrappy fabrics.  It makes me wonder where they came from … worn out clothes?  Other quilts?  Tablecloths?

It’s a treasure.


2 Responses to “Grandma’s quilt.”

  1. Maggie Madsen August 28, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

    How very fortunate for you to have this fun quilt.

    • Lindsay August 30, 2013 at 11:15 am #

      I feel blessed to have it in my possession! It is super fun … and meaningful! Thanks, Maggie!

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