Friday Favorites.

8 Nov

Here we go –

DIY party poppers, anyone?  Or Christmas crackers as I grew up calling them.  Maybe I’ll start gathering items to make them for Christmas this year.

This black bean pizza with whole wheat crust will make it in my meal rotation at some point.

I think this is funny: How to be interesting at a dinner party.

I LOVE this tshirt quilt.  I have a stack of college tshirts just waiting for the day to be made into a quilt.  I love the incorporation of scrappy fabric in this one!

This pin was my inspiration to liquid starch six yards of fabric to my entryway.  It took less than three hours and about $20, and I’m in love with the result.

photo-4Goodness.  I think that’s all for me.  Have a good weekend!  


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