Today’s pinterest wisdom:

16 Dec

This heart of mine was meant to travel this world.

I’ve got the travel itch.

But really, I shouldn’t.  This year, I took the train to Montana [An adventure I will be repeating in a month for a continuing education class.], flew to Alaska, and explored Lake Superior via kayak.  It’s been a pretty adventurous year, seeing many different states in many different ways.  This travel itch though … I think it’s calling me across the ocean.

It’s been the pattern in my life that I go abroad every four to five years.  [Being able to say that sentence makes me feel very fortunate for the opportunities.  Seriously.  I’m a lucky girl.]  First it was Spain/Morocco as a sophomore in high school.  Greece/Turkey as a junior in college.  Tanzania as a middler in seminary.  That safari adventure was five years ago this January.  It’s time again.  It doesn’t help that my older brother is currently flooding instagram with photos of Hong Kong as he vacations there.  And then my sister is preparing to leave for Dublin for a semester abroad.

But that whole sister-studying-abroad bit actually helps.  My mom and I have already purchased our tickets.  We will be Dublin-bound for 10 days in February.  I’m already pretty darn excited.  I shared the purchasing of plane tickets with my confirmation students last Wednesday as the high point of my week, to which one of them responded, You travel a lot!  Yeah … about that …

I met with a financial advisor today.  I talked about my slight inability to see my savings account grow at a steady rate.   Perhaps traveling to Montana, Alaska, and having overnight kayak adventures in Lake Superior don’t help that.  Yikes.  Can I use the pinterest wisdom as my excuse?  I can’t help it.  This heart of mine was meant to travel this world.


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