Friday Favorites.

10 Jan

Two weeks in a row!  Are you amazed?  [I am, frankly.]

A friend posted this site to facebook – how cool!  It’s a challenge to find happiness in each day for 100 days.  [Sounds a whole lot like my pledge to joy this year!]

I would just like to point out that The Mindy Project has surpassed The New Girl on my Tuesday night rating scale.  I love The Mindy Project … and I love that television shows are back from their winter breaks.  [Including, most importantly, Downton Abbey, Sherlock soon, and, of course, The Bachelor.]

These are not normally flavors I would pick but for some reason, this coconut tapioca pudding with mango sounds awesome.  The Smitten Kitchen does it again.


This fabric combo proves what I already knew – that aqua and red look awesome together.  It think that’s my next hexagon project – aqua and red.  [I’m going to need a smaller project – something smaller than the current state of the Union Jack quilt – to travel with me the next couple months.]

Do you enjoy pomegranates?  I think they’re pretty much a pain to peel and extract but a fun little, seedy, juicy snack.  Need some new pomegranate recipes?  Click here.  And if you want to enjoy a pomegranate blueberry sherbet, run to Trader Joe’s.  I recently bought some and it is so delightful.  


Has anyone seen any favorite movies lately?  I am itching to get the theater and see a whole bunch.  After – what I thought – was a disappointing fall in movie releases, there are too many!  At the top of my list are: Labor Day, Her, American Hustle, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Saving Mr.Banks, The Hobbit, August: Osage County, The Monuments Men … that’s a whole bunch.  Though I’m not afraid to go to movies alone, going with people is more fun – taking applications for movie buddies!

That’s it.  I’m calling it for this Friday Favorites.  Happy, joyful weekends to you all!

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