Friday Favorites: Train edition

25 Jan

It’s still technically Friday in Montana and though I keep swaying and feeling as if I’m on a train, my feet are planted firmly in Big Sandy. In the spirit of Friday Favorites, here are my favorite things about train travel.

The people. This time around, Paige and I met a hugger, a hiker, and a woman who loved to ask questions. My favorite was the hugger. He was a grandpa-like character and traveling with his wife. He said he was collecting hugs. In fact, he wanted to write a book about the benefits of hugging. We ate lunch with them when, afterwards, he felt a deep connection to Paige through their love of Slovakia. He hugged Paige. THEN, after supper, he made his way from his table to ours to give us farewell hugs. He said he wished that his hug with Paige would last for twenty more minutes …

The time to play games, quilt, and catch up on episodes of The Bachelor.

Watching the countryside from the observation car.

Sleeping cars. Laying down flat is not overrated and dessert is covered with all of the meals.

Arrival. Our train ride was five hours longer than it should have been due to a train derailment the day before, heavy train traffic, and a detour route. We were quite happy to step off the train and be greeted by friends. We are here. Hurray.


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