A post 27 hours in the making.

31 Jan

I write from the train ride home. I’m sad to be on the train home. Very sad.

Our conference in Essex ended on Wednesday morning. Just as it began to snow. It was picture perfect and we were sad to leave. We left Glacier on snowy roads, winding through beautiful scenery. It wasn’t too treacherous … until we left the mountains and after we stopped for lunch at a cute little cafe in East Glacier. Cue the blowing snow and icky roads. What should have been just shy of a four hour drive turned into over five hours. But we made it. Car dance parties and sing-alongs helped.

We stayed one more night in Big Sandy, drinking wine and watching the latest episode of The Bachelor. After that, it was time to pack up and head to the train station. Boo.

It was indeed a great adventure to Montana once again. Insightful learning, new scenery, and catching up with some of the bestest friends I could ever have. There was much laughter and loads of baby giggles. I joke that life at home with Mabel will now be incredible dull … but it’s not a joke. There will be no little girls running around, staring at me, gobbling up crackers, and no dancing to “The Muffin Man.” There will be no late nights of chatting, like at the Isaak Walton Inn. Life will be quite quiet. I will miss the excitement and the laughter. A lot.

(A shout- out to my Montana friends, Joel and Melissa. You know, I didn’t really become friends with them until senior year at seminary. In those days, when Joel and I first began talking in classes, I called him Kevin and he called me Penelope. (Those were our code names from previous lives.) Then I learned he was awesome and so was his wife. I’m so glad I discovered how awesome they are. And now they have two awesome girls that make up an all-around family of awesome. Gosh, I’m so glad they are my friends and they let me come live in their basement, bake scones in their kitchen, and play with their children.)

Alas, it’s time for the next great adventure in life. After long hugs and blown kisses and tearful goodbyes, Paige and I boarded the train and almost immediately were swept into the wine and cheese tasting for the sleeper car folks. We both won bottles of wine for answering trivia questions. Dinner, three episode of White Collar, and a night of sleep will land us back in St. Paul, hopefully relatively on time to the scheduled 7:05 arrival. (Not holding my breath. We left Havre over two hours late. UPDATE: I’m still writing from the train. We are scheduled to get into St. Paul at 3:00. Only eight hours late. Thank you, freight traffic hauling oil around ND. Thank you. SECOND UPDATE: We finally arrived in St. Paul at 7:09pm. That is almost exactly twelve hours after we should have arrived. Thank you, cracked track and new crew. Thank you. I am staying in the cities tonight and tomorrow morning…) I will pick up Mabel from the kennel and drive home. Home where my dance parties are solo and my curse words aren’t censored.

What is the next great adventure? Probably laundry and grocery shopping. Then it will assembling the large pieces of the hexie quilt together. (It’s almost ready for the BIG exciting step!) Catching up on Downton and prepping for my quilting workshop next weekend. As the gentleman on the train ride out said – Life is all about the great adventure. Here’s to finding some of that everyday … even without a Hannah and a Harper to show me the way.

One Response to “A post 27 hours in the making.”

  1. Melissa February 11, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    We think you’re awesome:). And we love that you came to visit! Thank you!

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