My cup is overflowing!

31 Mar

We heard Psalm 23 yesterday in worship and then I used it for my children’s sermon.  I brought up a bucket, a pitcher of water, and a glass, and asked one of the kids to pour me a glass of water because I was thirsty.  I told him that I would tell him when to stop pouring.  But I didn’t.  Until the water was running over the side.  We talked about how a cup that runs over at the dinner table is a bad thing.  A thing that we need to clean up.  But this kind of cup that is in the psalm?  It runs over with lots of wonderful things – lots of blessings from God.

I drank my glass of water and then, as they named good things in their lives [everything from friends to family to snow days to pets to finding diamonds – yup, not lying about that last one], we filled the cup with water again until it overflowed.

I offer that as an illustration for my weekend.  My cup is filled to the brim and it’s falling over the sides.

  • Sara and I saw Divergent at the fanciest theater ever in St.Louis Park.  One with a restaurant and bacon popcorn and grapefruit mojitos and giant comfy seats.  The movie was pretty stellar too.
  • I slept over at Sara’s.  We drank a throw-back favorite of ours: almond champagne from Trader Joe’s.  Bubbly deliciousness.
  • Iced coffee.  No more words needed.
  • I ate pho for the first time at the Vietnamese restaurant in Austin and watched Pitch Perfect with someone who hadn’t seen it before.  Acca-believe it!  Always good for a laugh.
  • A sloppy and wet but beautiful walk at the nature center in Austin.
  • Burgers on the grill.  Hey, it was 60 degrees in Minnesota yesterday!  On that same temperature note, I laid in the hammock over melting piles of snow for about 20 minutes. It was necessary.
  • You know that beer I “helped” make?  Saturday I “helped” keg it and yesterday I helped drink it.  [Note there were no quotes on the final helped because that one was actually true.]  What does it taste like?  Bananas.  I’m not kidding … but according to the brew master, it’s a good thing.  [Fermentation … 50 degrees … cloves … something something.]
  • I’m going to throw a Monday morning thing in here too.  Monday morning is quilting at ROG.  I usually show up around coffee time and chat for a bit.  I declined any treats with my coffee; I pretty much had just ate breakfast.  But dear Connie decided that I really needed to try this date nut bread … and so she brought the last remaining piece to my office for me.  How sweet.

It was an all-around good weekend and the week ahead isn’t looking too shabby either.  Movie plans, dinner with my BFF Carter and his family, and another Lenten Wednesday service at church.  All good stuff.  I hope your week ahead is all kinds of lovely too!

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