This is mainly just a whole lot of rambling. You’ve been warned.

28 May

Hi friends.

I felt the need to say hi. It’s been awhile.

So hi. What do I have to tell you? you wonder.

Mabel and I went to our favorite closest state park on Saturday to go hiking. It’s there I learned that she really loves to roll in fish guts.

This past Thursday evening, I went to the cities to meet up with my dear friend Kate. We scored advanced screening tickets to see the movie The Fault in Our Stars. It’s the movie adaptation of a young adult book which we had both read and loved and sobbed. It comes out the first Friday in June – I recommend it. Go see it! Bring tissues!

I’m putting in an official garden tomorrow. Dear congregation members are coming over with their tiller and they are going to help me get started. I checked out books from the library last night; I have research to do before I buy seeds/plants tomorrow.

Marilyn brought me fresh eggs and rhubarb today. She’s like my own personal farmers market. I love it! The rhubarb will become this. (It will be ready by July 4th. Come over for a drink then!)

It’s a week of additional preaching for me. I gave the address at the cemetery on Memorial Day and am in charge of the sermon tonight at the community baccalaureate service. I’m taking a play from the creative Kendall playbook – we are going to read a children’s story. It should be fun; Lindsay is good at looking ridiculous in front of large groups of people.

These are my current favorite things: open windows that lead to chilly mornings; watching my flowers grow; day camp shopping; Frozen (I finally watched it!); dreaming of summer adventures; hugs; trips to the cities; and Mabel walks. What are your favorite things?





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