Gnome visitors!

20 Jun

If you know me well at all, you know this is my pattern:

1. See people from Dawson.

2. Gush about people from Dawson on blog.

I’m a predictable sort of gal in that way so here we go.

1. I saw people from Dawson! The Agape Singers (which includes a boatload of my favorite people from Grace Lutheran, where I was intern pastor for a year) came to Red Oak Grove for a service of worship and praise last night as a part of their summer tour week. It was a shame that it was a stormy evening – which I think prevented some people from coming out – but those that came LOVED it. It. was. wonderful.

2. Let me gush about those people from Dawson! It was simply wonderful to see friendly faces – people I worked with on staff in my year there, youth I had in my confirmation classes, and children of staff members. It’s been almost five years since I packed up my car to move to that small western Minnesotan town where the gnomes greet you on the highway, but I still miss it. It was an incredibly fun year. Incredibly fun. I’m so glad there are moments in life like this – when the Agape Singers needed a church in the area and the connection was there. Moments to reconnect and hug friends from past lives. My heart is full today.

(Photos: Grace staff and staff children and me, trying to fit in with a green shirt too; Grace pastor, Kendall, and I selfie.)



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