Camp Erin, here I come.

30 Jun

I have a shirt. It’s official now.

The last weekend in July I’ll be at Camp Erin as a Sharing Circle Leader for a group of 5-7 year olds who have experienced the death of a parent/close family member. It’s bound to be difficult and profound with lots of hope and laughter mixed in.

I had an all-staff meeting last week in the cities to learn more about the camp weekend and learn what my role would be. As a Sharing Circle Leader, I – along with the two other women on my team – will use provided curriculum to guide and facilitate conversation with our group of ten little ones four times throughout the weekend. When it isn’t sharing circle time, I will have other jobs to make camp run smoothly. You know, serving root beer floats and stuff. Because I’m a SCL, this also means that I will not be in the cabins with the kids. (That job belongs to the Cabin Big Buddies.) At first, that made me sad … but it will be okay. I’m just excited to be at camp in any capacity.

We have one more pre-camp event – a ‘save your spot’ pizza party that welcomes all campers and their families to come and meet the volunteers and ease their nerves. After that event next week, camp will soon be upon us.


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