Pizza on the Farm

24 Jul

These places of cool are popping up all over the place these days. Pizza farms. Here is how they work:

You bring your blanket and your utensils. Any appetizers and beverages too. You pick a spot, order your pizza, and enjoy the atmosphere until the pizza is all done and gooey and wonderful from a wood oven in the back of a barn. Sit. Enjoy.

It sounds absolutely lovely, right? We thought so, especially for a beautiful Wednesday night. I actually had cut out an article about this specific farm months and months ago. The Red Barn Farm in Northfield was featured in Minnesota Monthly. It’s taken nearly a year but I finally have friends to go with me on a whim!

It was absolutely lovely, but the thing is, everyone else thought the same thing. We went to order our pizza right around 7pm and were told it was a two hour wait. Two hours. Like whoa. Plan B became sitting and enjoying the food we had brought, learning what to do better next time, and then going to order pizza somewhere else. Next time we will know.

We also were able to see a glimpse of what to work towards in regards to pizza picnics on the farm. Yesterday, we were amateurs in the midst of professionals. Professionals like these guys – they brought a table, tablecloth, chairs, real wine glasses, and much more. That’s the goal, people. Absolute class at the pizza farm. We will try again another Wednesday.



In other news, I’m off to camp this weekend! I’m super pumped. It will be an experience, I am sure. I’ll report back upon my return!

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