Whirlwind week is (almost) complete.

4 Aug

The past week has been a blur. Literally, I looked at the calendar and realized, somehow, a whole week has passed since my to-do list was stacked against me. Three funerals in five days. Sermons preached, bulletins printed, ham sandwiches eaten.

I’m home now, in my sweats, watching mindless television, catching up on magazines that have arrived, and drinking coffee. And I’m beat. Adrenaline saw me through and now it’s leaving. I’ll sleep well tonight. (I better because tomorrow is all about day camp planning and prep!)

But hey – here are some fun things:

Randomly, out of the blue, in complete surprise, my Aunt Janice and Uncle Bill showed up at the parsonage in their motor home last Friday. I didn’t even know they had a motor home yet planned to show up at my place. They spent the night, treated me to breakfast, and then were on their way. A short visit but very fun indeed!

My mom and sister sent me a “I hope you survive your crazy week” care package. How sweet was that!? It included candy and gnomes! Candy and gnomes!


I’m about to venture into the world of RIT dye and drop cloths for office curtains. I also just bought a whole bunch of buttons. After a week of little creative time, I’m itching for a project or two.

Okay. That will do. Off to more coffee and mindless television. Maybe a nap too.

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