Doggy dip.

24 Aug

It was the sixth annual doggy dip at the Austin community pool on Friday. Apparently, when the regular people-swimming season is over, they open the pool up to four-legged friends and their humans. Mabel and I decided to check it out. Whether we go next year again is up for debate. Here’s why –

At first, things were going great. We went to the shallow kiddie pool and Mabel splashed around and stole other dogs’ balls. Then a dog pooped in the pool. Not completely unexpected. Then Mabel pooped in the pool. Oy.

I pulled her out of the pool and she then followed another canine friend to the other pool. The deep pool. I’m pretty sure Mabel thought it would be just like the kiddie pool because she got ahead of me and decided to jump into the deep end with no hesitation. Pretty sure she freaked out when it suddenly was NOT as shallow as the kiddie pool and she couldn’t touch the bottom! Thank goodness she is a Labrador who knows how to swim. She however, had no idea how to get out. Solution? Lindsay walked around the perimeter of the pool, shouting her name, and she swam to follow me along the edge of the pool.

Finally, after much debacle and trying to jump up the wall, Mabel figured out how to walk the ramp out of the pool and we left. Promptly. Enough of that. I mean, she had fun. She was exhausted and had a blast. But it was maybe just a little too crazy for this human.


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