Vacation: Part 1

31 Aug

The first part of my Pennsylvania vacation is complete.

I spent the last two nights at a resort in the Poconos just outside of Stroudsburg, PA. It was lovely. The Poconos – where there are miles and miles of road that look like this:

Can you imagine this place in the fall? Wowza.

Dave and I flew into Newark, rented a car, and made it to the resort just in time for the ceremony rehearsal. Dave was a groomsman in his younger brother’s wedding and it was a lot of fun for both of us. Dave got to connect with family; I got to meet said family. We enjoyed rehearsal dinner at an Irish pub in town, danced bunches at the reception, and ate lots of delicious food.

And did I mention the venue for the wedding was this?


Um, yeah. What more must one say?

We left the resort this morning and headed to Bethlehem. Dave used to live here and so he gave me the tour. After going for a walk and eating lunch out, Dave dropped me off with my seminary friend, James, while he headed back to New Jersey to catch his flight home. I’m staying in Bethlehem through Wednesday to explore with James.

So far, I have purchased unique Peep flavors from this, the hometown of the company who makes those disgusting-yet-somehow-good marshmallow birds. I saw the church James serves and he cooked up a delicious supper of buffalo steak burritos. We played a dorky game and now have both settled in for the night.

Tomorrow? Crayola. Maybe I’ll draw you a picture.

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