Falling into place.

5 Sep

I will have to tell you about the close of my vacation sometime soon. I also have tales of coloring with new crayons and building a fort out of couch cushions but that’s for another time too. (Okay, so sometimes Dave and I like to pretend that we are five years old.) For now, this:

There was an art festival in Austin a few weekends ago. We saw glass blowers and kids painting an old school VW bug. There were lots of artists and exhibits to meander. I made one purchase – the print above. It’s by Brian Andreas of StoryPeople which is based in Decorah. (Oh, beloved Decorah.) Today it was framed and hung on the wall.

And, oh my. How it fits my current life. Life it pretty good, but not necessarily in the way I ever really expected. Everything does seem to be falling into place perfectly, as long as my expectations of perfect and place aren’t set in stone. It pretty much goes for anything in life, right? Attitude and expectations and adjusting for life’s twists and turns. Allowing for life’s surprises.

Leave it to StoryPeople to perfectly explain one of life’s great truths once again. (There are many more stories told with awesome illustrations. Look them up!)

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