A tale of two books.

10 Sep

I came back from vacation with one new book and a hankering to get my hands on a second.

First, an adult coloring book. I bought it in Frenchtown, this little town on the Delaware River in New Jersey. James and I explored, popped into a few shops, and I found The Secret Garden. An adult coloring book. Seriously.

It’s beautiful and intricate and therapeutic. It sucks you in and won’t let you go. I spent hours coloring at the airport and on the plane ride home. I didn’t really care who was judging the 30 year old with crayons. They were probably jealous and wanted the same book on their lap.



Second, Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. My friend James has experimented with this method of bread making home and I was intrigued. We talked a lot about it while I stayed with him in PA. I came home, checked out the book from the library and have been cooking fresh loaves of wheat bread from my dough bowl in last week. It really is pretty fun and easy. Will I do it ALL the time? Probably not. But come colder weather and soup, it will be perfection. Here is one loaf resting on my counter. In about an hour, it will be thrown into a steamy oven and emerge in a delicious state.


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