Hello, October.

1 Oct

The first day of October here in southeastern Minnesota is rainy and dreary and makes me want to crawl back into bed while drinking coffee and watching Gilmore Girls (which as of today is streaming on netflix). Alas, no luck doing that on this Wednesday. However, I will dream about fall activities to come. This October, I hope to –

Make soup. Eat soup.
Walk on crunchy leaves.
Bike ride through crunchy leaves.
Carve pumpkins. Maybe paint one too.
Make an apple pie. Maybe some applesauce too.
Visit the pumpkin patch.
Quilt and cuddle in quilts.
I’m kinda dreaming about this butternut squash lasagna.
Puffy vests! Scarves!
Read a good book. (Any suggestions?)
See Gone Girl in the theater (a good book now in movie form).
Reinstate my tea-and-reading before bed ritual.

It’s going to be a busy month.

(The view on a nature center walk earlier this week.)

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