Two quilts. Same baby.

12 Oct

Two baby quilts have traveled with me to Wisconsin in the last month. They – though unplanned – went to the same baby. Here’s the story of two weekend trips, two quilts, and one baby named Natalie.

Quilt #1:


This quilt – a scrappy polka dotted baby quilt – was created with a purpose instead of a person in mind. At the end of September, a benefit was planned and held for my Uncle David who is currently awaiting a heart transplant. I made a quilt for the silent auction and there it joined an outpouring of other donations for the cause. It was overwhelming in such a wonderful way. The benefit itself was overwhelming as well, with hundreds of people in attendance. The community really turned out in support of a great family.

(I was grateful to make the quick, one-night trip home for the benefit. Dave and I left Austin Friday afternoon, only to return late Saturday night so I could lead worship the next day. It was a great though short trip; even Alaskan brother, Ben, was home!)

Ironically (or not), the winner of the quilt at the silent auction was the new grandma and grandpa of the baby girl for whom quilt number two was made – the newest baby Banana, Natalie. They plan to keep it at their house for when Natalie comes to visit.

Quilt #2:


I’m home again, this time for Crazy Cousin Molly’s confirmation, which was held this morning. Molly is my Godchild so it was important for me to make the trip. (I even got to assist at the service which was fun.) I drove home on Thursday and while home, I finished binding and then was able to deliver quilt number two. Natalie was born to Banana (aka high school) friend, Lynn, and her husband, Kyle.

Two other Bananas (Kim and Krissy) and I made the trip to Madison to meet ten-day old Natalie while I was home this weekend. I delivered the quilt and stayed a safe, hygienic distance away from the baby (as I’m fighting the inevitable fall cold). Here is Natalie giving her best monkey face –


I head back to MN super early tomorrow morning after a pretty relaxing and fun weekend at home. While these two baby quilts have been completed and rest in the arms of their new humans, I return to MN dreaming of the next baby quilt project. Next quilt due date: mid-December.

One Response to “Two quilts. Same baby.”

  1. kari reilly October 15, 2014 at 8:59 pm #

    who is the next quilt for?

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