I have mice.

3 Feb

I’m finally blogging again and I’m blogging about mice.


Because they are currently living in my kitchen. Under my sink and in the drawer beneath the stove. Even on top of the dishwasher. Stupid mice.

I noticed their … um, evidence … a couple weeks ago and began setting traps under the sink. The total so far is five. Five mice has been caught and killed under my sink. (And you know how many I’ve had to touch or remove? None. I’m pretty lucky to have a church member who had come to fix the dishwasher, a boyfriend who is nice, and a pest control guy around.)

So right. The pest control guy, Ed, comes to the church every month to check traps and deal with pests such as mice and bugs and the like. He came today and I snagged him to walk over to the parsonage with me. It was from Ed I heard dreadful tales.

Did you know that mice can crawl through the smallest of holes? His measure? A ballpoint pen. If he can fit his pen through an opening, a mouse could fit. How disturbing is that?! Creepy mice contorting their bodies. Eww.

They also love pet food. Here I’m practically inviting them to come stay with me because of Mabel’s food that sits in her dish. That food isn’t for you, mice.

Ed set a few more traps and investigated the basement. He plugged up a few potential entry spots on the outside of the house too. Thank goodness for Ed.

Here’s hoping the end of the problem is near. Though Ed also mentioned something about how mice usually come by the dozen …

2 Responses to “I have mice.”

  1. Kari February 4, 2015 at 10:04 pm #

    O Linds! Gross…it wasn’t that long ago that I opened a mailbox and one went down a small hole in the box. It’s butt was up in the air & it’s tail…sick! It also had chewed up the mail that was left from the day before!

    • Lindsay February 7, 2015 at 1:03 am #

      Okay. That is a disgusting story. Eww. They are definitely not my most favorite things in the world …

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