Playdough, sprinkles, and Glacier NP.

11 Feb

Greetings again from Montana. Let me catch you up to speed –

We enjoyed a few more days of adventure in Big Sandy. Adventures included making and playing with Jello playdough, mixing and decorating cookies, and watching Frozen a million and one times. (I’m having a blast with this pair of toddlers!) There was breakfast at the local coffee shop. We also made a point to watch the Grammys, which was tremendously underwhelming to us.

But, then the time had to come for Joel, Paige and I to depart for Essex and our conference. We are here at the historic Izaak Walton Inn for one more night, learning about the book of Ruth. Today, we had the afternoon off to explore. Last year we went snowshoeing; this year it was far too warm and sloppy to do such things. We loaded in the van and headed to the west, grabbing lunch and then entering Glacier National Park. We drive the twelve open miles on the Going to the Sun road before we had to turn around, exploring the only portion of the road that was plowed and accessible. Let’s just say, in summary, that it was beautiful, wonderful, spectacular. I must return in the summer one of these years.




Tomorrow, after a morning of class, we pack up and head the four hours back to Big Sandy. Paige and I will spend one more night there before Joel, Melissa, H&H take us to board the train on Thursday. It will be a bittersweet afternoon; it’s always sad to leave dear friends but it will also be comforting to return home. So it goes with vacations/continuing educations adventures.

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