This is my favorite.

22 Feb

This is the boyfriend bathing the five foot tall inflatable penguin named Herbert Butterfield. I would love to leave the blog post at that but you probably have questions. Why does Lindsay have a giant penguin named Herbert Butterfield? Why did he need a bath? Why did Dave insist on doing it?

Valid questions. Valid.

The pictures just make me giggle, as did the entire event itself. So I have a penguin named Herbert. Herbert first came into my possession when I worked in children’s ministry in Stillwater; we liked to take an inflatable friend/mascot to camp each summer. Herbert was such one summer and when I left that church for internship, they decided Herb should stay in my possession. Now he comes out (ie inflates) once in a great while but at least annually as my Academy Awards date. (He’s already wearing a tux!)

The Academy Awards are tonight and, as I have the last three years, I will head to jD and Lauren’s to also join Paige in viewing the awards. Herbert certainly has to come too.

Except he’s been deflated in the garage for a long while now. I usually inflate him myself but it is quite a lot of breath. Enter a boyfriend with tools suitable for such a task. I took him to Dave and Herbert was inflated.

However, it soon was evident that Herbert had incurred an injury. He wasn’t holding his air. I tried to assure Dave that I didn’t care that much, that I could inflate Herb by mouth that last bit before our date. But, oh no. That would not stand. Into the bathtub he went to discover where the hole was. Surgery was performed (superglue) and more air was given. Herb’s doing okay now.

He’ll accompany me to the Oscar viewing tonight, clean and spiffy from his shower and patched and well. Thanks, boyfriend (who would kill me if he knew I shared these photos so shhh), for cleaning my penguin and giving me a giggle.

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