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A free couch.

5 May

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I was all a flutter this past Saturday. I got a new couch.  It was free.  And did I mention awesome? 
Dave and I were out and about seeking the deals at the Austin city wide rummage sales. We found a few things.  A metal tray and an old painting that I plan to turn into something new. We also ran into one of Dave’s friends at a sale who then took a naked Barbie from a garage sale free box and stuck it under Dave’s windshield wiper. 

So Dave, the naked Barbie on the windshield, and I were driving around when we stopped at a house. Everything was to go. They were moving and most of the house was empty; what was left needed to go. We walked inside and I saw it. The couch. I literally gasped aloud. I was in love.  The owner saw my excitement.  If I hauled it out of there, it was mine for free. 

My practical side set in. Do I really need it?  (Maybe.) 

Will it be comfy enough to sit upon and watch a movie?  (Possibly.)

Was it at all practical? (Jury’s still out.)

Dave had none of that. She’ll take it, he said. And we were back within the hour with his trailer to haul it out.  We hauled it back to Dave’s (no time to take it to my house – we had a pinball party to get ready for that night, donchaknow) where we did carve out a little bit of time to haul it off the trailer to set it on the front yard, sit upon it and drink a beer. To be classy was our goal there, can’t you tell?  (The neighbor across the way was out mowing his lawn. Did we need help moving it, he yelled across the street, as we parked the couch outside the front door.  Nope.  We’re just fine.)

It’s at my house now, sitting in the sofa spot in front of the TV. And no, it probably isn’t as comfy as my other (hand-me-down, free, kinda-falling apart, slip-cover-required) couch but really, for as little time as I spend sitting on it watching television, that might be okay. It needs some throw pillows and a couple other furniture shifts to make it fit in completely, but Dave was right – its home is here in my eclectic decor. 

I’ll think we’ll be happy together, Mr. Green-striped-velour-ish Couch and I.  Happy indeed. 

Happy May Day!

1 May

You guys!  Someone left the cutest May Day basket on my front porch!  

 I woke up this morning, recalling May Days of old. I used to weave a paper basket and run down to Grandma Vera and Grandpa Sid’s house, only to drop the basket off, ring the bell and run.   One year in seminary, I made May Day door hangers of sorts and hung them on friends’ doors.   I love May Day!

I think it’s so quaint and cute and just plain old nice. It goes way back too. I think we should totally rekindle this May 1st activity!

Thanks to my surprise May Day basket dropper-off-er for bringing the tradition to my front porch!  It made my day to find a May Day basket outside my door. (Mabel kinda tipped me off that you were here and I caught the tail end of your vehicle so I’m pretty sure I know who you are … We’ll just add this to the list of reasons why you are awesome!) 

Here’s a closer pic of what was in my basket – the cutest little succulent salt and pepper shakers which will be perfect for summer picnics.  You know me well.  🙂


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