Happy May Day!

1 May

You guys!  Someone left the cutest May Day basket on my front porch!  

 I woke up this morning, recalling May Days of old. I used to weave a paper basket and run down to Grandma Vera and Grandpa Sid’s house, only to drop the basket off, ring the bell and run.   One year in seminary, I made May Day door hangers of sorts and hung them on friends’ doors.   I love May Day!

I think it’s so quaint and cute and just plain old nice. It goes way back too. I think we should totally rekindle this May 1st activity!

Thanks to my surprise May Day basket dropper-off-er for bringing the tradition to my front porch!  It made my day to find a May Day basket outside my door. (Mabel kinda tipped me off that you were here and I caught the tail end of your vehicle so I’m pretty sure I know who you are … We’ll just add this to the list of reasons why you are awesome!) 

Here’s a closer pic of what was in my basket – the cutest little succulent salt and pepper shakers which will be perfect for summer picnics.  You know me well.  🙂


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