Happy 4th!

4 Jul

Freedom!  Independence!  The day we remember the signing of an important document!

The day I declare war. 

On the rabbits. 

Last year, my garden remained unharmed and uninhabited by such creatures. Perhaps it was because it was the first year it was there. Perhaps because at that point in time, they believed Mabel to be a ferocious warrior dog. (They have since learned otherwise.) But this year is different. They have attacked. 

I surveyed my garden this afternoon to find it drastically changed from yesterday. Many carrot greens, one pepper plant, and two sweet potato plants – gone. Ate in their prime growing season. Add this to damages done earlier; only yesterday did my investigation into the bush bean plant disappearances come to a head. There was also the strawberry incident of early June.  Rabbits. Evil rabbits. 

(Why don’t they eat the lettuce?!  I’m not going to eat it all.  Is that too stereotypical for them to eat a little lettuce?  Just, please, not the sweet potatoes!)

Game on, rabbits. Game on. Your eviction notice has been served. You have one day. 

(Because that’s how long it will take me to buy and install a fence.)

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