Bubbles, tomatoes, and weekend. 

23 Aug

(Two blog posts in one month?  Please. Don’t fall off your chair. Somehow it’s true.)

It was quite the lovely weekend, blog friends. I hope yours was equally lovely. 

Mine began with a Target run with Pastor Paige.  It’s been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since we’ve been friends who actually see each other.  Next, we went to Carter’s house for supper, crafts, and a movie outside projected on the house. It was pretty spectacular to be with friends doing such fun things. 

On Saturday, Austin hosted its big arts festival which included some sort of attempt to bust a record for bubble blowing.  Dave and I biked downtown to participate, however using ones breath to send the bubble into the air was not necessary because the wind itself did it for you.  It was so super windy!  There were also SPAM samples a la fancy (coconut encrusted SPAM with pineapple chutney? not too shabby.) and local artist displays to admire. 

 I came home Saturday evening to a lovely birth announcement in the mailbox. A birth announcement for the newest addition to my favorite Montana family. Along with the pretty, pretty pictures was an invitation I am beyond honored to accept. So honored.  

 Today – Sunday – was busy, busy. Church at Red Oak Grove with a service of sharing the Detroit trip with the congregation. Off to the local care center to lead worship and drink coffee. Sewing, watching my newest show (the quite enjoyable The Newsroom), and deciding to finally do something about the abundance of tomatoes my garden is producing.  Hello, oven roasted tomato sauce. So excited to try it on pasta tomorrow.  It smells wonderful!

I’ve started a collection on my kitchen counter. Every $5 bill I come across goes in the jar.  That’s the rule. As Dave and I plan our NC roadtrip next month, I campaigned for a stop at Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor, one of the coolest, most awesome modern quilt shops ever.  (Or so I guess.  This will be my first time there.). Must. save. money. (Campaigning for this stop wasn’t super hard since I’ll be playing pinball for a couple hours in Pittsburgh.  Quilt shop for pinball arcade.  We’re even.)  

Oh, and I should mention that my pinball-playing boyfriend is a serial killer.  According to my mom’s dream (nightmare?) she had, he kills people by strangulation or – wait for it – throwing furniture on them.  I mean, really, makes sense since his family owns a furniture store. Abundance of weapons, you know. 

Ahh.  Good weekend indeed, even if I do need to keep an eye open for flying furniture now. 

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