A post about work. 

7 Oct

It’s not often I talk about work on the blog anymore. I don’t necessarily know why. (Maybe because, uh, I just don’t blog very much anymore?). But tonight I need to process in writing so here I am. 

Tonight we kicked off Wednesday night family night/Sunday School/whatever you want to call it. Our Sunday morning education program simply was not working anymore and we had to try something new. So we chose to try Wednesday night. 

My wise ministry friend told me to look for small wins when I told her we were trying something new. Look for small wins. Don’t call it all off because it doesn’t work as you planned. Stick with it. Small wins. 

There were definitely small wins tonight. Parents blessing their children. Families we haven’t seen in church for many weeks came tonight. People who belong to the same small church but don’t know each other interacting. There were definitely small wins. 

I’m trying hard to let that be my focus. Not the fact that this evening has stressed me out all week. Not the fact that there were lots of squirmy kids doing their own thing. Not that we budgeted time incorrectly. Not that I can’t help but wonder what everyone thought and if they are going to come back next time. 

Trying new things is exciting – and I’ve been super excited about it – but, boy, is it hard too.  Trying something different than what has been done for decades is not easy. But I also believe it had to be done. We need to try something new … so small wins. I’ll take ’em.  We try this again the first Wednesday of November. Hoping for more small wins then too. 

One Response to “A post about work. ”

  1. Grandpa October 8, 2015 at 8:52 am #

    Good Idea Linds! Sometime when something is new we all stick our nose up, but after the newness wears off, the norm becomes a reality!! Gramps

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