Happy Halloween (& hi, Grandma!)

31 Oct

October 31st it be – a day for pumpkin pancakes and handing out candy.   This post is also for Grandma – she sent me a letter inside the cutest Halloween card saying she’s been waiting for a blog update. Here it is!  Hi!  (As of right now, I plan to be home for Thansgiving so I’ll see you then!  Count me in to bring a dessert; Thanksgiving day is Dave’s birthday so I’ll take care of the birthday treat.)

Pumpkins were carved last night. Dave’s pumpkin wouldn’t stand up so it’s a face on its side … which turned out pretty cool.  I made this for supper (I recommend it!) and then we watched Inside Out – super cute and funny.  Tonight we’ll hand out candy at Dave’s house and then, delightfully, I’ll get an extra hour of sleep!  So excited.  

 What else is new since the last blog post, you wonder. Last Sunday was confirmation Sunday. Four young people were confirmed in a lovely church service.  

 I got a new tea kettle. It’s very exciting. Really. It is. It was a gift. A beautiful green Le Creuset tea kettle. Be still, my heart.  

 What else is currently bringing me joy?

  • The new season of Homeland. 
  • Having a few nights at the sewing machine. 
  • The annual fall theological conference for the synod’s pastors begins tomorrow in LaCrosse. It’s always a good time with colleagues. 
  • A new polka dot Fitbit band. 
  • It’s lefse season. 
  • Finding a pair of shoes that I had forgotten about and loving them.
  • Discovering a new, sneaky way of hemming jeans that works incredibly well. I have jeans that are the right length!
  • Dreaming of doing this in my back entryway.   

Happy Halloween and happy-extra-hour-of-sleep day!  Hope it’s both spooky and restful.  ðŸ™‚

    2 Responses to “Happy Halloween (& hi, Grandma!)”

    1. Kari November 6, 2015 at 11:15 pm #

      Lefse? Guess who wants to learn…Uncle David! It could be fun?!

      • Lindsay November 7, 2015 at 10:45 am #

        It definitely could be fun! Let me know if I should bring my supplies home with me. 🙂

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