I ❤️ Cloth Napkins

19 Feb

Today, in the latest episode of “Things I Really Don’t Need to Sew but Do Anyways” are cloth napkins.

I’ve been a pretty big fan the last couple years. Of cloth napkins, that is. I’ve got a stack that have served me well. It’s all I use – whether I’m by myself or have guests at my table. It just makes me feel fancy and put together, even if it’s grilled cheese on my plate. But here’s the thing: these cloth napkins I’ve been using, I didn’t make them.  I bought them. And it had just gotten to the point where I couldn’t live with that. Plus – they were all the same color. Or the same design. I needed some homemade variety!

The push came when I was the first host for our Lent book&supper club. We are reading this book (It’s quite delightful with delicious recipes.) and there is a group of women who are meeting weekly over supper to discuss what we’ve read. I hosted this last Tuesday. I NEEDED to have new cloth napkins by then. There was no other option (in my project-minded brain).

So I set about cutting and sewing napkins. I made five. The five pictured below. But five isn’t enough!  And so there is a stack of seven more waiting to be sewn in my craft room. Why does a person who rarely hosts more than two or three or four people at her house for a meal need a dozen cloth napkins?  (When, mind you, all those cloth napkins she had before are still in the drawer too.) Because the fabric is pretty and I simply couldn’t stop.

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