Friday Favorites.

1 Apr

friday favorites

Hey, peeps.  You made it.  Happy Friday!

A favorite moment: There was visitation last night for a funeral being held at the church today.  A dear member, Kenny, died, and somehow, I rank pretty high in his granddaughter’s world.  She’s a third grader, she lives in Des Moines (so I’ve only seen her a handful of times), and she met me at the door of the funeral home with a hug. (And then later told me I couldn’t leave because I was her babysitter.  Okay?)

Lately, I’ve been plugging away on a tshirt quilt.  While I spend time in the sewing room, I watch tv.  Often something that doesn’t require my full attention.  Lately?  Gilmore Girls reruns that I’ve seen three hundred times.  It’s oh-so-exciting that Netflix is bringing it back with some new episodes AND I learned about this tonight.  A Gilmore Girls cookbook?  Yes, please.

On Sunday, Dave & I watched The Big Short while eating our Easter lasagna.  It was clever.  It was funny.  It was educational.  It was goooood.  Lindsay seal of approval.  (Dave seal of approval too.  And not just because he spotted a pinball machine in the background of a couple scenes.  And then had to rewind, analyze, rewind, pause, research online, stand five inches from the television for a closer look, and email a guy about the name of the mystery game.  I’m not even kidding.)

The first bike ride of the season is in the books!  It wasn’t terribly long because it wasn’t terribly warm; just a jaunt to Kwik Trip for supper supplies and a quick ride around the neighborhood.  But still – a sign of bike rides to come!

Aldi.  Seriously, people.  I stopped quick yesterday and bought the following: a 5lb. bag of red potatoes, two pounds of strawberries, bananas, a carton of raspberries, a pound of fresh green beans, and a bag of their organic popcorn.  Total: $10 and some change.  So wonderful.  (And then I stopped somewhere else and accidentally bought a package of paper straws BUT THAT’S NOT REALLY IMPORTANT.  Shh.)

Not my favorite this week: folding laundry, early mornings, Daddy’s Home, the spider in my bathroom, and how my hair is looking awfully frumpy these days.  #curlyhairproblemz

Lastly, I saw this on facebook and it made me lol.  Probably because I have been a victim.


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  1. Kari April 1, 2016 at 5:35 pm #

    Thanks for making me smile!

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