A not-so-fun Mabel adventure.

25 Apr

Tomorrow will be a first for Mabel & I.  I will drive her to the vet clinic and drop her off around 8am.  I will leave.  She will have surgery.  I will pick her up later in the afternoon.  Then, I will make her homemade dog treats to ease the stress of it all.

I discovered something on Mabel’s paw a couple weeks ago.  Some sort of growth that she was licking constantly.  Some days it looked like it was getting better, but then the next day it would look worse.  I called the vet.  Took her in.  Antibiotics issued.  Surgery scheduled.

It’s a tumor of some kind and the vet said that tumors on dogs’ feet can be bad news.  They easily spread and the best course of action is to get it out of there.  Mabel’s been on antibiotics to hopefully shrink the infection that was heaped on top of the tumor.  If it has shrunk enough, she’ll get to keep all her toes.  If not, well …

I’m hoping all goes well and she comes home with all her toes still accounted for.  Tonight we’re spending some time outside and we’ll cuddle on the couch (for as long as she will tolerate it).  She usually gets a small bone when she comes in from outside; tonight ice cubes will have to suffice as the treat.  No more food tonight.

Cross your fingers and your paws that Mabel gets to keep all of hers.  I’ll keep you posted.IMG_5488

One Response to “A not-so-fun Mabel adventure.”

  1. Kari April 25, 2016 at 10:00 pm #

    A www. Hope all goes well for Mabel…keep us posted! Good luck!❤️

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