Vacation chronicles.

4 Jun

We returned to MN four days ago and this is the first moment I’ve had to consider sharing a bit of our adventures with you.  (And, let’s be honest, I shouldn’t even be blogging right now … I should be finishing a sermon …)  Here’s the story:

We set out for Duluth.  Two nights.  Summary: Canal Park + barge + lift bridge = coolest thing ever.  Lazy river.  Checkers.  Yummy food.

From Duluth, we were UP bound.  The plan was to camp for a night but the weather was icky and the air was mosquito-filled.  We stayed a lovely night in Escanaba after eating a pastie for lunch.  The weather remained icky so we went to a movie and then ate deli sandwiches in the motel room while watching Harry Potter.

Escanaba > Mackinac Bridge > Tunnel of Trees > Petoskey, a town on Lake Michigan I would recommend to any and everyone.  We hopped wineries/breweries, explored downtown, and sat by the water.

From here, the trip shifted from exploring on our own to seeing friends and family.  We spent a day in East Lansing, with The Boyfriend showing me his school, Michigan State, via bicycle.  We spent a few days with his family in southeast Michigan, throwing in some flea markets, canoeing, and bike riding.  From there, it was to southern Wisconsin for a couple low-key days with my mom and Jeff.  Oh, and a few horses that showed up in the yard one night.

We returned Wednesday morning and since then, it’s been church work and yard work non-stop.  A garden update will come soon!

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