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2017: Quilting & a Doodle.

31 Dec

Two words for the new year.  Quilting and a Doodle.

First, quilting.  Remember how I told you last time that I did something crazy upon returning to Austin?  I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  The opportunity presented itself and I seized it.  And so, in November, I’ll be heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a weekend quilt retreat called Glamp Stitchalot hosted by Pink Castle Fabrics, one of my favorite modern quilt shops.  And I’m so incredibly, absolutely excited.

It’s a weekend that often sells out – its 150 slots fill pretty quickly.  I got an email announcing the dates and ticket sales and I jumped on it.  I might be a bit out of league skill-wise and money-wise, but I will make it work.  I’ll account for it in my upcoming months’ budgets (Maybe that’s cheating a bit, eh, Dave Ramsey?) and perhaps find a way to rent a sewing machine/borrow my mom’s so as not to show up with my super noisy $99 Kenmore.

Second, doodle.  By the time I head to MI in November, my doodle will be ten months old.  (Hopefully.  The doodle isn’t born yet.  Cart before horse.)  If all goes as planned, I’ll be bringing home a doodle puppy in March.  It’s been the plan since Mabel died in July – to get another dog eventually – and the opportunity presented itself through church connections.

The original plan was a goldendoodle but when the golden retriever didn’t want to be any kind of friend with the poodle, that plan changed.  This doodle that I will call my own will be a bernedoodle – a cross between a poodle and Bernese Mountain dog.  Oof.  Big dog.  Hopefully low-shedding dog.  I’ve started to prepare – new dog kennel (I never had one with Mabel.), toys (Christmas presents from Mom & Jeff!), gathering of tips from other puppy owners, potential name (Luna Lovegood) – and I’m getting so. darn. excited.

Missing: My dedication to this blog.

30 Dec

But that’s nothing new.

Let me catch you up a bit.  (And then expect another post or two over the holiday weekend.)

Hoping your Christmas was merry.  Mine was a bit of a blur.  Celebrations started early in the month with The Boyfriend’s work holiday party.  I sewed my own dress.  (Hey.  I sew dresses now.  That’s new.  The holiday gnome dress is the third that I’ve made with the Washi dress pattern.  It has pockets!  More to come – likely coordinating with holiday themes.)  img_5983

As I prepared to sew the dress (I’d had the fabric forever but it wasn’t until the morning of the party that I started to sew.), I wondered … if I had extra fabric and time to make a matching tie, would Dave wear it?  You betcha.  Absolutely no arm twisting necessary.  (I wore the dress again Christmas Eve.  Dave came to church in the matching tie.)

After the holiday party, it was soon time for me to host the church council Christmas party at the parsonage.  And then it was the Christmas program.  And then trying my darndest to visit the 25 homebound members on my list.  And then a million bulletins for Christmas.  Some frantic Christmas sewing.  And then –

A deep breath.  Christmas afternoon was a nap, lazy lasagna, and movies.  The next day I retreated to my mom’s for four nights.  Siblings, extended family, friends.  Reading for fun.  A little shopping.  It was quite delightful.

As of today, I’m back in Austin.  Unpacking, cleaning, prepping for a week back at work.  I also did something a bit crazy upon my return.  Stay tuned for that.  *insert winky emoji*

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