2017: Quilting & a Doodle.

31 Dec

Two words for the new year.  Quilting and a Doodle.

First, quilting.  Remember how I told you last time that I did something crazy upon returning to Austin?  I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  The opportunity presented itself and I seized it.  And so, in November, I’ll be heading to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a weekend quilt retreat called Glamp Stitchalot hosted by Pink Castle Fabrics, one of my favorite modern quilt shops.  And I’m so incredibly, absolutely excited.

It’s a weekend that often sells out – its 150 slots fill pretty quickly.  I got an email announcing the dates and ticket sales and I jumped on it.  I might be a bit out of league skill-wise and money-wise, but I will make it work.  I’ll account for it in my upcoming months’ budgets (Maybe that’s cheating a bit, eh, Dave Ramsey?) and perhaps find a way to rent a sewing machine/borrow my mom’s so as not to show up with my super noisy $99 Kenmore.

Second, doodle.  By the time I head to MI in November, my doodle will be ten months old.  (Hopefully.  The doodle isn’t born yet.  Cart before horse.)  If all goes as planned, I’ll be bringing home a doodle puppy in March.  It’s been the plan since Mabel died in July – to get another dog eventually – and the opportunity presented itself through church connections.

The original plan was a goldendoodle but when the golden retriever didn’t want to be any kind of friend with the poodle, that plan changed.  This doodle that I will call my own will be a bernedoodle – a cross between a poodle and Bernese Mountain dog.  Oof.  Big dog.  Hopefully low-shedding dog.  I’ve started to prepare – new dog kennel (I never had one with Mabel.), toys (Christmas presents from Mom & Jeff!), gathering of tips from other puppy owners, potential name (Luna Lovegood) – and I’m getting so. darn. excited.

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