A mouse story.

1 May

Should I tell you the mouse story?

Here’s a mouse story. (I have too many of these.)

I was in the basement, switching laundry. Emmett followed me down. No biggie.

Until he found a dead mouse behind a box. And he picked the dead mouse up with his mouth. And refused to let it go.

I am FREAKING out. Drop it! Drop it! I yell, as if Emmett follows commands that well this early in his life. (He’ll do it with a ball if we’re playing fetch. But a mouse? Of course not.)

I remember that there is a box of Mabel’s old things in the basement. With a bag of bones inside. I start throwing bones at him, hoping he’ll drop the mouse and eat a bone. But I guess, to Emmett dead mouse > bone. Because drop the mouse he did not.

Next in his effort to keep his prize, Emmett runs upstairs.  I follow, frantically, grabbing a handful of paper towel on the way through the kitchen. He finally drops the mouse. On the couch.


Using the paper towels, I pick it up and take it away. No more mouse for Emmett.

On my way to dispose of it, I throw him a mouth-freshening puppy chew, as if to pretend that will take care of the mouse cooties in his mouth. (I know it won’t.)

Let’s just pretend anyways, as he’s a kisser.


2 Responses to “A mouse story.”

  1. Kari Reilly May 1, 2017 at 9:25 pm #

    Oh so gross! I hate mice! I don’t know if I could of picked it up! Icky! Lol😳

  2. Grandpa May 2, 2017 at 10:11 am #

    Lindsay (come on your a farm girl) Your dad probably taught you how to pick up a mouse /with the bob cat/LOL

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