I’m here to talk about mushrooms.

18 Aug

It’s been a while friends. Lots has happened. It’s been so long that I’ve pondered again and again what my first post back should be.


So Dave and I are married now. Two months and counting. And being married and finally living together means that we tackle tasks together. Like removing stinky, disgusting mushrooms from the garden.

IMG_7172Last week, I’d noticed some egg-like things appearing in the front garden. They were weird, alien looking. At first, I hesitated to get too close because, obviously, what if they were snake eggs? (Do snakes have eggs? If they do, do they even look like that? Why are they in my mulch? All good and VALID questions from the gal who had a run in with a snake while on the mower a couple weeks ago. Now everything outside is snake related.)

IMG_7169But then, yesterday or so, the eggs hatched into mushrooms. (Phew. Not snake eggs.) Dirty mushrooms. Mushrooms known for their likeness to something male AND for their disgusting smell. I noticed a couple yesterday … and then more this morning … and even more this afternoon. These mushrooms – stinkhorns – can “hatch” in less than an hour. An hour! Mother Nature, you are amazing … and humorously disgusting. Thank you for my first stinkhorn experience.

And so Dave and I, the happily now-married couple, spent time this afternoon removing these lovelies from the garden. Dave shoveled; I held open the trash bag. (All online advice told us that they need to go in a bag and in the trash. Yes, sir.)

Yes, marriage! Boo, stinky mushrooms!

I’ll be back with more; promise.

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