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It’s happening.

30 Apr

Two red semis and four men rolled up to the parsonage yesterday morning and got to work. Boxing, taping, wrapping, packing, moving. As of today, we live in a sea of boxes and gathered furniture. (Top right photo is our dining room!)

It’s crazy how quickly they got things packed up and well on their way. Tony, Eric, Josh, and Matt (We’re friends now. After someone packs your every – EVERY – belonging, I suppose you do grow on a deeper level. We bought them pizza for lunch because we’re friends … and to slightly bribe them into taking good care of our things.) are hoping to knock this four day job out in three. That means tonight, Emmett and I are on an air mattress in the living room and on our way to Wisconsin as soon as everything is loaded tomorrow. (Dave heads back this afternoon and to work tomorrow.)

We’ll see our moving crew again on Monday when they unload our every belonging (and 38 pinball machines) into our new home. I learned yesterday that, as a part of the package Dave’s company ordered for us, they will also UNPACK our belongings. We’re not sure we’ll take them up on that completely (and Matt said they love it when the customers don’t) but, sure, we’ll cash in the offer to set up a couple beds and unpack a couple wardrobes.

Deep breath. Let the sea of boxes (and furniture. and pinball machines.) meet us in Wisconsin.

We’re moving.

15 Apr

It’s been official for awhile; many of you probably already know.

We’re moving.

We are excited, a wee bit scared, and sad all at once to be heading out on a new adventure. Dave has a new job (which he started TODAY) that is taking us to Racine, WI.  I will follow the first week in May (for a yet unknown job).

IMG_7695We are in the process of buying a house. The above house. A house which will need color, landscaping help, removal of wallpaper, and gradual updating, much to Lindsay’s amusement. A house with a basement which will require work to turn it into the best pinball lair yet, much to Dave’s excitement. A house which is a ten minute walk from Lake Michigan.

We are thrilled to be closer to our families and ready for a new adventure. There is sadness too; I can’t yet think about my last Sunday because there is work still to do before the crying begins.  (And who thought moving the week after Easter was a good idea?)

Posting of our adventure to come right here! Stay tuned.

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