We’re moving.

15 Apr

It’s been official for awhile; many of you probably already know.

We’re moving.

We are excited, a wee bit scared, and sad all at once to be heading out on a new adventure. Dave has a new job (which he started TODAY) that is taking us to Racine, WI.  I will follow the first week in May (for a yet unknown job).

IMG_7695We are in the process of buying a house. The above house. A house which will need color, landscaping help, removal of wallpaper, and gradual updating, much to Lindsay’s amusement. A house with a basement which will require work to turn it into the best pinball lair yet, much to Dave’s excitement. A house which is a ten minute walk from Lake Michigan.

We are thrilled to be closer to our families and ready for a new adventure. There is sadness too; I can’t yet think about my last Sunday because there is work still to do before the crying begins.  (And who thought moving the week after Easter was a good idea?)

Posting of our adventure to come right here! Stay tuned.

One Response to “We’re moving.”

  1. Paulette Manemann November 16, 2019 at 7:36 pm #

    Big changes happened for you Dave and Emmet!!
    What company did Dave go to?
    Update me at pamane@smig.net
    So excited for you all!!

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