Emmett: FFF

2 May

Current status: As of 11:30 last night, I arrived – tired, sleepy, zombie – in Wisconsin at the hotel where Dave has been staying for the last two and a half weeks while working. Today, Emmett and I are chilling at the hotel – napping, Netflix-ing, and ordering a new return address stamp.  Today is the day I feel I can exhale and begin to process it all. Deep breath.

But before we hit the road yesterday, Emmett had visitors. While the moving crew loaded the last of the house, some of his favorite people came to shower him with belly rubs, gifts, and frisbee throwing. People who call him a FFF – Fur friend forever. Just look at him eating up every single minute –

Jessica was our go-to puppy/house-sitter extraordinaire. Anna and Lacey, her cousins, would come stay on the house-sitting gigs and visit Emmett in the yard whenever they were at church. They all love that furry beast.  And Emmett loves them!

Things are going to be a bit topsy-turvy for the furry one – long car ride, hotel stay, new house (probably with fewer squirrels – oh the horror), new bay window in which to lay. Now he has a new pillow and blanket from his friends to see him through. And maybe they’ll come visit or we’ll go visit sometime. Not the end of this fur friendship.

Just for fun – current status of the furry one. Transition is exhausting.IMG_5670


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