Kitchen update.

10 Jun

I feel like we are finally getting a grip on the kitchen. A full kitchen remodel is a couple years down the road for us but we’re making some cosmetic and practical changes to help use and enjoy the space as it is now.


(The wallpaper is subtle but it’s there – covering every. single. kitchen wall surface.) The wallpaper was stripped and the glue remained. The glue was the tricky part. Three different methods were employed, along with sanding, repairing, and a whole lot of elbow grease. A couple coats of primer. Paint (lemongrass green) above the cabinets and the full wall. Today REMOVABLE wallpaper was added as a temporary, economical backsplash/accent.

Next up: update outlets and wall switches, decor, and a new kitchen island will soon follow. As cool (not) as it is to have an indoor grill installed on the island and a circle on the other end, the current island is simply not practical.  *clapping hands emoji* We’re getting there!

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