Emmett is 3!

22 Jan

Today is Doctor Emmett Brown’s birthday. He’s three and living his best life.

IMG_8263He got a new collar last weekend. It’s Mario themed. Like the video game. Because Dave hosted a pinball league Saturday night and Emmett needed to fit in. (Pinball league: We opened our door to 16 people we literally didn’t know and 1 person that Dave knows – the organizer. They hung out in our basement for hours, played pinball, gave Emmett belly rubs, and ate our popcorn.)

IMG_8244He goes to daycare once in a while.  He has some long days at home alone so in the midst of a full week, he’ll go down the road and play with his friends for a day. At first, he kind of hated it. Dave had to push him through the door. Now? Now we say, “Do you want to go play with your friends today?” and he won’t leave Dave’s side until they are in the truck. He runs inside the play area and doesn’t look back.

On the days he doesn’t go to daycare, I try to take him for a walk before I leave. Depending on how I budget my morning time, it’s sometimes a very short walk.  It doesn’t seem to matter to Emmett. About a half hour before I have to leave for work, he will lay by the front door and just stare at me. Waiting. For his walk. So he can pee on all the spots the other dogs peed on last night because Emmett had peed there the morning before. IMG_8255

He makes himself comfortable wherever and can hear the peanut butter jar opening when he’s rooms away from the kitchen. Best life indeed. Happy birthday, Doc.

2 Responses to “Emmett is 3!”

  1. Tammy Harber January 22, 2020 at 10:35 pm #

    Happy Birthday Emmett!🐶

  2. Linda L Christianson January 29, 2020 at 5:12 pm #

    It sounds like a rough life but I see he is enjoying it to the fullest.

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