Recipe recommendations.

12 Apr

Every time the conversation has an appropriate opening, I’ve been telling everyone about Iowa Girl Eats. We’ve followed her blog for a couple years now but recently have made a couple more meals that have astounded us. I love her use of unsweetened almond milk and cauliflower rice. While most of her meals are gluten free, because that’s not a necessity for us, we just sub standard ingredients. Here are our favorite Iowa Girl Eats:

The other place we’ve gathered recipes that have been nothing but home-runs is King Arthur Flour. I’ve made their 2021 Recipe of the Year a couple times now with nothing but tasty results – Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls. Dave gets his bagel recipe from King Arthur and their cheesy pan pizza (2020 Recipe of the Year) is amazing. We picked up their Baker’s Companion at Costco; it’s 500+ pages of recipes, science of baking, and tips. I am convinced they can do no wrong.

One Response to “Recipe recommendations.”

  1. Linda L Christianson April 22, 2021 at 9:26 am #

    We get that flour at Costco also and I like the results as well. I do not do the cooking you do as I am not going to spend that much time in the kitchen. I have a bag of cauliflower rice and I will try that idea. Great cooking on your end. So cold. widh it would warm up.

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