Kitchen game-changer.

21 May

It feels like such a little thing but it also feels like such a win.

Do you have bunches of recipes torn from magazines, printed from the internet, copies from family and friends? Come on. I can’t be the only one.

They were folded in a stack in a drawer and the chaos of it kind of made me crazy.

So I bought a binder. And a bunch of page protectors. Viola. Recipe binder. (They totally sell ‘recipe binders’ on Amazon but I like my budget $4 version.)

When I meal plan for the week (when I’m organized enough to meal plan … which isn’t every week), I can look through and pull out any recipe we’ll be using. The page protector saves the recipe from any splatter. It works for us.

Dave’s bagel recipe and its many revisions.

We also use an index card system. That’s not new but something we’ve used for a long while. Simple favorite recipes that don’t require fancy instructions or lots of words get an index card on a book ring.

One Response to “Kitchen game-changer.”

  1. Linda L Christianson May 23, 2022 at 2:11 pm #

    My oldest ROG book had lapart and it now has each page in a ringed binder and use it all the time. Yes, the box of torn out ones and family favorites is a mess.

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