Week One: Check.

7 Sep
I have officially been in Dawson for one week, though technically I write this post from Watertown, SD. It’s Labor Day, the offices are closed, and I could think of nothing to do within the limits of Dawson or my apartment and thus I traveled to Watertown, one of the largest cities nearby. (Nearby = one hour.) I also do not have internet currently in my apartment and so I drove seeking wireless to connect with the world outside of myself. Well, and not to mention, I had never been to South Dakota before! (Below is proof – proof that I had just taken a shower, it was windy, my sunglasses are large, and I was going to South Dakota!)
The past week went well and didn’t seem as overwhelming as it could have easily been. I followed Lori, the interim pastor, around as she did visits, led worship services at the care center/assisted living facility in town, attended staff meetings, and met lots of people who’s names I now have forgotten. The pastor of the church, Kendall, is on sabbatical for the months of September and October, which puts me in an interesting position, spending the first two months of my internship with the interim pastor (who happens to be the intern pastor from last year). Confused? Me too.
I participated in leading small parts of the worship service yesterday. I was a bit nervous, not necessarily for speaking in front of the congregation but I hate those pocket mics that you have to switch on and off. I always think I’ll mess that up but not yesterday. Phew. I will be leading worship in some sense every Sunday; I will either but leading the service or preaching. Never both off the bat but always one or the other. After church I drank some coffee with some sweet old ladies who invited me to join their table and was introduced to more people I can’t quite remember.
After church, I came home to my apartment and then shrugged my shoulders, wondering what the heck I would do with the day. I was bored out of my mind. No internet. No sewing machine as of yet. Totally unpacked and unloaded. I took a two hour nap … watched That 70s Show … read a bit … and that pretty much sums it up. Yesterday I think I came to the realization that this will be a very lonely year for me though I know that busy-ness at church will help a lot when I don’t have time to feel alone.

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