Let me introduce you –

7 Sep
To the gnome garden, technically called “Gnome Park.” I have heard that many of you think this garden to be a figment of my imagination, my creativity running away with me, or, bluntly, a lie. I tell you, the gnome garden is not something of fairy tales but a very real and magical place on the east side of Dawson. A few things about the gnome garden:
1. I had estimated that there are 17 gnomes in the garden. Turns out there are 28 gnomes! What a gnome-tastic surprise! Not to mention, there is a map to indicate which gnome is where and the gnome’s name. Apparently, every summer there is a festival in Dawson in which a person in the community is honored an then there is a gnome made and put in the gnome garden in honor of that person.

2. Dawson gnomes are different from other gnomes, shown by a bend in their hat and a heart on their sleeve. (As noted by Daws, the leader of the gnomes, of course.)

3. Some gnomes have had unfortunate accidents, which may or may not be the result of reckless teenagers who are bored and can think of nothing else to do but steal innocent gnomes and throw them in the river. (Bored in Dawson? I can’t imagine. sarcasm) Take Gladys here. Only her gnome feet remain. Poor Gladys.
On my morning walk this morning, I documented the gnome population in the garden and hope to bring you occasional gnome profiles of the gnome people who call Dawson home.

One Response to “Let me introduce you –”

  1. Kay September 10, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Poor helpless gnome! Lindsay, I think you should be on gnome watch and protect them from unrully teenagers!! It is probably the third graders during Release time!!!!

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