The new toy

18 Sep
This title was part of my status on gmail last Wednesday to which my friend, Kim, told me “I wish I was your new toy.” As much fun as Kim is to play with, the new toy was, sadly, not her or any person but an inanimate appliance. I decided last spring that my internship hobby would be learning to quilt. I’m not sure how or why I came to the conclusion but since then have told many people so they can hold me to my word.
I’m making progress … the sewing machine arrived last Wednesday. It sat patiently in its box until I was done with Wednesday evening meetings and then it was unpacked and put to work. The plain, cheap and too-long IKEA bedsheets which had hung from my windows needed some trimming and adjustment. I did it. I measured, cut, and sewed. I’ll admit, they’re not any too straight and have their flaws but for a first project, I pat myself on the back. Now I have curtains that don’t hang on the ground and can be tied back from the middle. Success.
Today I made the trek to Willmar, MN, a drive of just over an hour foregoing the detour of a highway. The road continually reminded me that it was closed with barricades and signs but I made it the 17 miles with no unnecessary stops on the shoulder or visits with a person in uniform. Willmar is pretty much the closest fabric store to Dawson and so I stocked up on fabric for my first quilt. It’s a simple quilt but I think a good place to start and I hope that it is at least in a usable condition to clothe my bed for the year ahead.
I had no idea how difficult it was to look at bolts of fabric and then envision what the fabric would look like when it is pieced together on a larger scale. I struggled and still am uncertain that I succeeded at the task. Piecing it together and time will tell. Here is my “color story” for my first big sewing project —
Washed and dried, I had hoped to iron the fabric and start cutting tonight but alas, I lack the distilled water needed for my iron. I also lack the convenience of 24 hour shopping in the berg of Dawson and so I wait until tomorrow for the sewing disaster to begin.

2 Responses to “The new toy”

  1. Kim September 21, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    Yes- if only I could arrive at your doorstep…

  2. Stolen September 21, 2009 at 2:44 pm #

    Thats a slick looking quilt…wanna make me one??

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