Look, Mom, I’m quilting!

19 Sep
The quilt has made progress!
The fabric is cut into strips …

Then the fabric is sewn together – this is one half of the top of the quilt.
It’s still hard to imagine it with another half and finished … but I think I will like it. I think it suits me. The real difficulty with the quilt is when it comes time to put it together with the backing and the middle bits … if this is only half of the quilt size, where do I find floor space to lay the entire quilt out flat? You can see my coffee table and kitchen table get in the way … and this is pretty much the biggest piece of floor space I have available. It will be a creative challenge.
After completing this, I made myself stop for the day. I so easily get wrapped up into finishing projects but want to take my time with this one and give myself something to do on some other days in the week! Plus, I was naive in my estimation of how much a quilt costs to make; if it were cheaper, I’d make one every other week to entertain myself but money can be somewhat of an issue.

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