church ladies’ eating habits.

24 Sep
I love the church ladies. Hands down, love them. They are wonderful and fun and full of energy … and desserts. I have helped them assemble the newsletter, tied quilts for Lutheran World Relief, drank coffee after worship, been invited to join for dessert after Bible study, and generally been with them a fair bit in the last four weeks. Man, do they know how to “lunch” and do their coffee breaks up right.
Example one: The ladies make quilts in the fellowship hall every fourth Monday of the month. The calendar says they start at nine so I showed up around 9:10. The calendar is false. These ladies were in full quilting swing by the time I walked through the door! I visited with the ladies who were pinning and sewing, ironing, cutting, and then the women who were tying handed me a needle and thread. I had no sooner made my first tie in the quilt when they announced, “Coffee’s ready!” They demanded I put my needle down and join them at the table. I hadn’t been there for but ten minutes and we were drinking coffee and eating deliciously warm coffee cake.
Example two: I was invited to a quilting group on Tuesday night by a member of Grace. I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to go but figured it would be a good adventure. I was picked up at 7 pm and after two hours of sitting around a table and looking at extremely elaborate quilts which I will never be capable of making, they started handing out plates and napkins. Nine o’clock at night and they announce it’s time for lunch. Lunch, what? Apparently, this lunch, three hours before my bedtime, is tradition for these parts and consisted of bars, peanuts, and coffee/juice.
Example three: Wednesday night was Women of Grace, an event for women to come to church and hear a speaker. We listened to the Southern speaker – with whom I bonded afterwards over suckering tobacco – and then, guess what, time for dessert and coffee. Any event at church is seriously followed with or includes dessert and coffee. Lunch, if you will.
Example four: There was a women’s Bible study group that met this afternoon at church. Lori and I had no part in the Bible study; they lead it themselves except for one study every couple months when a pastor steps in. We may not have had a part in the Bible study but there was dessert afterwards and so the women found Lori and I and invited us to angel-food-cake-and-raspberry- dessert time.
So how do they stay so thin? Ideas? Email me or comment here with your conclusion for their ability to maintain weight while eating pastries day in and day out, and I’ll include the responses in a future blog entry!

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