a new chill.

4 Nov

Brr. The wind has a new chill to it the past few days and it is cold. The rain continues to fall on and off, preventing farmers from getting the last of their crops from the fields. The leaves that were clinging to branches have for the most part made their way to the ground.
The people of Dawson have been educating me in a frightening way about the winters in this area. Roads close. Winds blow. If there are white-out conditions, they tell me, don’t venture out. Apparently white-out conditions aren’t hard to come by here with the violent character of the wind. I tell them that they are scaring me and then they try and cover their tracks – well, it’s not really that bad, they will say. You will get used to it. Just make sure you can entertain yourself for a few days if the weather won’t allow you to leave.
For fun. Can’t wait.

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